MIMIX® Availability™

Syncsort's MIMIX Availability delivers high availability and disaster recovery for IBM i servers, regardless of location, to eliminate downtime and data loss across your business.


Syncsort's MIMIX DR is a comprehensive, intuitive, and affordable disaster recovery solution for mission-critical data and applications on entry-level IBM i servers.


Syncsort's MIMIX for AIX family of products protects IBM AIX servers from downtime and lost data with easy, automated, replication solutions for high availability, disaster recovery and migration.

MIMIX® Move™

Syncsort's MIMIX Move delivers low-risk IBM i migrations with near-zero downtime, perfect for a host of migration needs, including server modernization, storage reorganization and data center consolidation.

Enforcive - Data Security Software for IBM i, System z, and Cross-Platform

Enforcive is a leader in developing comprehensive security solutions to help businesses reduce workloads, satisfy auditors, and improve responsiveness to security threats.  Enforcive enables System Administrators to easily manage security and compliance tasks efficiently and effectively.

Delivers industry-leading virtualization platform with intelligent operations management, purpose-built to get the best performance, availability and efficiency out of your environment.

HCL Domino

HCL Domino is a client-server cross-platform application runtime environment. HCL Domino provides email, calendars, instant messaging (with additional HCL software voice- and video-conferencing and web-collaboration), discussions/forums, blogs, and an inbuilt personnel/user directory. In addition to these standard applications, an organization may use the Domino Designer development environment and other tools to develop additional integrated applications such as request approval / workflow and document management.

HCL Notes

HCL Notes is a highly secure, on-premises email client that integrates with your applications and collaborations tools to provide the most secure email software for your business. Notes delivers email, calender, contact management and file-sharing capabilities with the languages needed to support global teams.

HCL Verse

HCL Verse is a modern, browser-based client for daily email, collaboration, calendar and reminders that empowers your team to communicate securely. Powered by Domino, Verse integrates with Sametime and connections for seamless, secure collaborations and chat.

HCL Nomad

HCL Domino.powers the apps that run your business.  With HCL Nomad, you can unleash the power of those apps on desktp, mobile devices, and now -- on a browser.  Provide users with greater flexibility by unlocking your workforce from the Notes client and enabling them to access their apps wherever they like.  Your business is assured of the same level of security and governance with no code changes.  Extend your applications to web and mobile with Nomad, and access your apps anytime, anywhere.  Nomad web keeps your applications up to date with easy browser updates -- eliminating client desktop upgrades.