RCS joins in creation of “Red Hat Ansible on IBM Power” IBM Redbook

RCS joins in creation of “Red Hat Ansible on IBM Power” IBM Redbook

Earlier in 2023, Right Computer Systems was granted the privilege of joining an IBM Residency to create an IBM Redbook that describes how to implement and use Red Hat Ansible on IBM Power and the various operating systems and applications supported on Power systems. This initial draft of the publication is the result of that Residency.

“Using Ansible for Automation in IBM Power Environments” is an IBM Redbook that will help you install, tailor and configure an automation environment using Ansible in an IBM Power server environment. Ansible is a versatile and easy to use IT automation platform that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy and maintain. With Ansible you can automate almost anything: code deployment, network configuration, server infrastructure deployment, security and patch management, and cloud management. Ansible is implemented in an easy to use and human readable language (YAML) and uses SSH to connect to the managed systems, hence with no agents to install on remote systems.

Ansible is an Open Source solution that is gaining market share in the automation workspace as it can help you automate almost anything. This IBM Redbooks publication will show you how to integrate Ansible to manage all aspects of your IBM Power infrastructure, including server hardware, the hardware management console, PowerVM, PowerVC, AIX, IBM i, and Linux on Power. We provide guidance on where to run your Ansible automation controller nodes and demonstrate how it can be installed on any operating system supported on IBM Power and also show you how to set up your IBM Power infrastructure components to be managed using Ansible.

This publication is intended for use by anyone who is interested in automaton using Ansible whether they are just getting started or if they are experts on Ansible and want to understand how to integrate IBM Power into their existing environment.

Please feel free to look through this document and field any suggested edits to Carlo Castillo, Client Services Manager through castillo@rcs.com.ph and we will gather your input and have the team that wrote the Redbook discuss any suggestions. Thank you and we hope this Redbook ultimately proves useful in your IBM Power environment by taking full advantage of the power and extensibility of the Ansible platform!

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