Search Methodology

The Search Process

Developing the Specifications   Our consultants gain a thorough understanding of the position and client organization by meeting with the hiring executive, (Client). The understanding which includes a set of position specifications and corresponding compensation package per specification are then confirmed.

Targeting Candidates   Using the position specifications as guide, our consultants create a list from the firm’s data base where qualified candidates fit into the client’s requirements.  From this initial list, the consultants will then assemble an extensive list of candidates, using personal and business networks.

Narrowing the Focus   Our consultants approach potential candidates with our client’s unique opportunity. Once the dialogue is established, we evaluate the candidate’s accomplishments and style through a series of one-on-one discussions.

Assessing the Match   When a good match is attained between a candidate and our client, we meet face-to-face with the candidate to further assess suitability.  We spend time becoming familiar with each candidate’s personal and career needs to determine if our client’s opportunity is the right fit.

Endorsing the Candidates   A ‘short-list’ of candidates is then sent to the client, together with the candidate’s profiles. These includesa resume summarizing accomplishments and compensation information. Only the most suited candidates are endorsed.

Conducting References   Prior to extending an offer, client requests us to conduct reference checks on the chosen candidate to get first-hand knowledge of the candidate’s professional accomplishments and management style.

Negotiating the Offer   We assist in structuring and negotiating the offer.  Our consultant’s experience in these matters, as well as the understanding of each party’s objective and expectations, reduces the possibility of unexpected issues arising at the last minute.

Confidentiality   The executive search shall be kept confidential at all times to protect the clients/candidates’ identity until such time wherein the two parties will hold a dialogue in a pre-arranged meeting.

Maintaining Contact   Our consultants stay in touch with the hiring executive and the successful candidate to ensure a smooth transition and the continued satisfaction of both parties.

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